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KeyPay was built on the aspirations of challenging conventional ways of working. We're naturally curious about innovation, different company cultures and how businesses tick - and that’s what The Pay Off Podcast is all about.

Our hosts Kate Brown and Niamh Moloney have a beer and a chat with interesting guests - from a range of different industries and backgrounds - about business done differently, and how it pays off.

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Episode 1 | KeyPay's Richard McLean: The "No one's gonna die" attitude

In the very first episode of The Pay Off Podcast, we chat to KeyPay's co-founder Richard McLean about the foundation of KeyPay, forming and maintaining a culture that works, and taking a people-focused approach to business.
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Introducing The Pay Off Podcast

Find out a bit more about The Pay Off Podcast, our hosts, and what you should expect from the series.
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About the Hosts

Kate Brown and Niamh Moloney are the ‘token Celts’ of KeyPay (yep - neither of them are Australian, yet they have somehow become the voices of an Australian-born business).

The Scottish and the Irish always have an instant connection. But Kate and Niamh bonded particularly over their love of podcasts and learning about everything imaginable in an audio format - from true crime, to inspirational stories, to innovation case studies.

The KeyPay culture encourages employees to try new things - and The Pay Off Podcast is a product of their exploration.

Kate is KeyPay’s marketing manager and has a keen interest in innovation, writing and all things content. Niamh (it’s pronounced Neeve) - KeyPay’s Partner Success Manager - is interested in culture and finding out what makes people tick.

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